5 Most Anticipated CBD Products in 2019


Since the approval of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has gained massive support and popularity among stakeholders who believe in its potency in healing diseases without negative side effects. A few months after it became legalized, CBD continued to invade the market and is projected to hit a $22 billion revenue by 2022 in the American market alone.

What we started tracking this year was an explosion — face mask, bug bites, skin care, topicals. It’s being used for everything you can think of — sports, triathlons. People want to buy it for their grandma, for arthritis. Women get it for PMS and endometriosis — common things that people have been using over the counter medications,”  Bethany Gomez, director of research for the Brightfield Group, who shared the analysis once said in an interview.

Here are five CBD products predicted to make an impression this year.

CBD Skin Products

Due to its anti-inflammatory and relaxation properties, CBD is eyed to be added in a lot of skin products to be launched this year. Jennifer Miles, Barneys’ senior vice president, divisional merchandise manager of the cosmetics department, shared the growing interest of the department store chain to CBD. According to her, a CBD skincare line has already been available in Barneys store locations like New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills. They are also sold in Barneys.com. She is also confident that as CBD is becoming more mainstream, it can easily fit in the public’s wellness routine and eventually, previous misconceptions about the products will be changed.

CBD products for pets

Yay! More healthy treats for our pooches this year! That’s right, Tim Moxey and Chriss Abbott, founders of BotanicaSeattle in 2012 came up with a special line of CBD products for pets. This includes MR. Moxey’s CBD Mints, cannabis-infused chocolates, and Austin & Kat products that include biscuits and oils. Moxey and Abbott’s CBD products were well-received and had reached $7 million last year. Its sales are expected to increase and hit the $20 million target by the end of this year.

“As we educate people about our products and as research continues, our long-term goal is to make products that bring the cannabis plant into people’s lives in a meaningful way,” Moxey said in an interview.

CBD gummies

CBD gummies have reached the No. 3 spot in Google in terms of popularity and frequency of being searched online. CBD is a natural remedy for chronic pain, insomnia, and depression. No wonder, CBD gummies, with its fun flavors as well as its therapeutic and relaxing abilities, are one of the most sought-after medicine in the market recently.

Fighting off a bad case of anxiety due to stress at work and family? You can self-medicate using fun, sweetly-flavored gummies and feel a sense of relief afterward. As a rule, start with minimum dosages and increase it in time, under the supervision of a physician. One of the most well-endorsed CBD gummies includes CBD’R Us Watermelon Wedges, Infinite CBD Asteroids Gummies, and CBD’R Us Apple Drops.

CBD-infused foods and drinks

In a previous survey, 77 percent among 650 professional chefs would like to explore in coming up with their own CBD-infused foods and drugs. During the Weed Holiday on April 20, a number of restaurants and fast food chains showcased their own CBD-infused foods and drinks. One of these is Carl’s Jr. Rocky Mountain High CBD burger that sold at least 1,000 burgers before their closing time. In a press release, the restaurant announced that the Rocky Mountain High might have a special place in the menu in the future.

CBD oils

Are your muscles tired and sore from prolonged standing up or sitting down in the office the whole day? There is a CBD oil just for you. CBD oils have proven therapeutic properties to alleviate muscle pain and spasm. One can also ingest the oil in alleviating depression, insomnia and anxiety.